Goodyear & Dunlop commercial truck and trailer tires are all ordered through the Goodyear dealer network and service centers.   Additionally, all service work performed by dealer is national account priced.

Goodyear Dealers will contact Petrocon for authorization.  Petrocon will approve purchase when Petrocon member is confirmed.  Members will need an ID number and purchase order number provided by Petrocon for billing purposes.

Petrocon will bill member per the national account price schedule.

Authorization by member or dealer can be done by:

  1. Call our Tire Hotline 301-663-8906 Option #2 or Toll Free:  866-548-8750 Option #2
  2. Email
  3. Fax to 301-560-5455

GOODYEAR DEALERS & TIRE SELECTION can be located using the link below:
Is a link on the Goodyear tire site for "Tire Selector" and "Dealer Locator"
(this link will provide you with Goodyear tire selection help.  You can also find your closest Goodyear dealer from this link)
Learn about FleetHQ benefits on being a Petrocon national account here.